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Table of contents:

Roulette Glossary and Terminology

A Cheva

A French word for a “split bet”.

Accounting of Odds

A continuous series of numbers that have previously hit and will later be used in a martingale.


The total amount of money wagered over a specific time period.

Action Player

A player who frequently places large bets.

Adrenotrend Betting System

A system that places bets on the previous winner. Another term for streak betting.

Against The Bank

A strategy that includes placing a wager in opposition to the run of numbers or colors that have already occurred. A player who wagers on black following a string of red hits is thereby playing "against the bank."


A person who conspires with the croupier as part of a "inside job" to defraud the casino.

Alenbert Betting System

A progressive betting system in which a player’s bets go up by one unit after a loss and down by one unit after a victory.


When a player stakes all of his money on a single wager.

American Roulette

A roulette wheel with 0 and 00 pockets as well as a number sequence. Ironically, the double-zero wheel originated in Europe, whereas the single-zero wheel originated in America.



Also known as the ball track, it is the outer section of the wheel where the ball spins.


The entire sum of money a player has reserved for gaming purposes.

Bet on the Layout

A bet that is placed anywhere on the table's numbered section.

Biased Numbers

The numbers on the wheel that have been statistically shown to hit more frequently than typical variation over a long period of time.

Biased Wheel

A defective wheel that causes particular numbers or parts to display more frequently than usual.


This is when players wager with black $100 chips.

Black Bet

A bet that the next number will be black.

Black Chips

Chips worth $100.

Block Bet

A wager that covers a section (or block) of the roulette betting area.

Bottom Track

The roulette wheel's angled, stationary inner section. The roulette ball rolls down the bottom track before entering the wheel head and pocket.


Sometimes known as the "small game," this is a simplified form of Roulette that is common in French casinos. The game includes a table and a wheel with only 9 numbers and 3 distinct colors to gamble on. To decide the outcome, the wheel is spun and a little rubber ball bounces around the wheel until landing in one of the colored holes.



An area of the casino where players cash out their chips.

Call bets

These are also referred to as 'Roulette Announced Bets'. Used in French and European roulette tables as well as in most UK casinos with American single-zero wheel roulette tables. These type of bets consist of a group of numbers and there are 5 types: Number neighbours (Voisin du nombre, 5 chips bet), Zero neighbours (Voisins du zero, 9 chips bet), A third section of the wheel (Tiers du cylindre, 6 chips bet), Full orphans (Orphelin plein, 8 chips bet), Orphans split (Orphelin cheval, 5 chips bet).

Cancellation Betting System

Identical to the LaBouchere System, it is a method of betting that makes use of a string of numbers, subtracting numbers after a victory and adding numbers after a loss.

Capping a Bet

This refers to a player cheating by secretly adding more chips to a winning number.


French for “Corner Bet”.

Casino Advantage

The advantage or vigorish a casino has over the players.

Casino Host

A casino who handles patron demands. They typically serve high rollers.

Chameleon Strategy

A strategy that involves imitating successful roulette players.

Chasing Losses

When a player tries to increase wager sizes in an effort to gain back any losses.

Check Rack

The tray used to store and arrange casino chips.


A different name for chips.


French term referring to a “Spill Bet”.

Choppy Game

A game in which no one is winning, house or player.

Colour Up

A procedure whereby smaller value chips are swapped for bigger value chips.

Cold Number

A number(s) that has not come in at least 37 spins.

Cold Table

This refers to a table that has the house winning while the players are on a losing streak.


French word referring to a “Column Bet”.

Column Bet

A bet made on the columns of 12 numbers.

Combination Bet

A wager in which one or more chips are placed on two or more numbers.


Gifts or perks provided by the casino. They include complimentary meals and drinks or hotel accommodations.

Corner Bet

A single wager on one of the four numbers on the layout.


A player who consistently runs losses.

Credit line

The total amount of credit granted to a player by the casino.

Credit Manager

Casino employee who determines the amount of credit a player gets.


Casino staff.


A player that cheats the casino


A casino employee who takes care of the roulette table. Also known as the dealer.


The value of chips is denoted by a "cut." There are cuts of two, five, ten, twenty, fifty, and one hundred chips, for example.


French/European roulette wheel.


D’Alembert Betting System

A system in which players increase their stake by one unit following a loss, and decrease it by one unit following a win.

Dead Table

A table that has no players, despite being fully operational.


Similar to “Croupier.” A casino employee who takes care of the roulette table


French word meaning “last.” It refers to the last series of 12 numbers in a Dozen Bet.


This covers the winning number. It’s removed when all of the winning bets have been paid out and a new game begins.

Double Dynamite Roulette System

This refers to when players combine Big Number play and sector slicing for short-range play.

Double-Up System of Betting

A betting technique in which the player doubles the wager by two following a defeat in order to recoup the loss from the prior bet.


Refers to a number that hits twice in a row.


French for the “Dozen Bet”.

Dozen Bet

bet on one of the 12 sequences on the layout.


The total amount of money cashed in at the table.

Drop Box

The section where players’ money is kept when they buy chips at the table.


Refers to a situation where the casino table is losing money to the players.



The advantage in a game. In Roulette, the House/Casino typically has the edge.

En Plein

French for “Straight Up Bet”.

En Prison

Literal translation: “in prison.” This regulation only applies to even-money wagers. When a zero is hit, some casinos offer the player the option of withdrawing half of their bet or leaving it "imprisoned" for another spin. If the next spin results in another zero, the entire bet is lost.

European Roulette

The first version of roulette which is still the most prevalent in European and Asian casinos. European roulette uses the single-zero, unlike the American version.

European Wheel

A roulette wheel with a single zero (0) and the following numbers (in clockwise order): 0, 32, 15, 19, 4, 21, 2, 25, 17, 34, 6, 27, 13, 36, 11, 30, 8, 23, 10, 5, 24, 16, 33, 1, 20, 14, 31, 9, 22, 18, 29, 7, 28, 12, 35, 3, 26. It is also referred to as the French Wheel.

Even Bet

A bet that the next spin will contain an even number.

Even Money

Also known as a 50-50, this is a bet where the player has the same chance to win or lose the same amount of money.

Even Up

A wager in which neither side has a mathematical advantage. In roulette, all layout bets have an unrelenting house advantage so an “Even Up” situation can only occur in roulette due to wheel and croupier biases.

Eye In The Sky

Informal term referring to cameras that record all activity in the casino.


Fair Game

A game in which neither the casino nor the player has an advantage. In Roulette, the casino always has the edge, so it is not a fair game.

Fibonacci Betting System

Refers to a system in which each bet is a combination of numbers previously hit by the wheel.


A complex device used in American Roulette to separate colored chips, allowing them to be used at all times.

Finales a Cheval

A bet on all numbers that end with two specific digits. For example 1/6 bets on 1, 6, 11, 16, 21, 26, 31, 36.

Finales en Plein

A bet on all numbers that end with a specific digit.


The number 1.

Five Number Bet

This is where a player bets that a number beetween 0 and 3 (including 00)will hit. It is commonly regarded as the worst bet in American wheel Roulette.

Flat Bettor

A player who bets the same amount each time.


Casino employee who supervises all the operating tables.

Fluctuation in Probability

This is when numbers arise at random and out of proportion to their probability, typically a short-term occurrence. It denotes good or bad luck depending on whether or not the fluctuation is in your favor.

French Roulette Wheel

European Roulette wheel.

Front Money

This is money that was previously deposited by a player for gambling purposes.


Gambling Stake

Also known as bankroll. The entire sum of money a player has reserved for gaming purposes.

Gaffed Wheel

A wheel that has been manipulated by the casino or a player.


A player who gives big tips.

Golden Numbers

Numbers that are hitting at a statistically incorrect level. See “biased numbers.”

Grand Martingale

A variation of the Martingale System where a player doubles his wager or adds one unit following a loss.


Chips valued at $25.


Also known as a hustler. A player who is deceptive and tries to scam or cheat.


A player who only wagers small bets.

Grind Down

This describes a situation where the casino’s advantage makes the House gradually win all of a player's money.

Grind Joint

A casino that caters to grinds, i.e players with small bets.

Grind System

This refers to systems that try to consistently win small amounts over the casino. In this system, players increase their bets by one unit after each win.

Guerrilla Gambling

A style of gambling that is aimed at winning huge and leaving immediately. The phrase was popularised by Frank Scoblete’s 1993 book of the same name.



This is a situation where a player is winning excessively, drawing attention from security personnel and casino administrators.

High Bet

A wager that the numbers 19 to 36 will hit on the upcoming spin.

High or Low Bet

An even money bet in which the player wagersthat the number selected will fall either in the top (19-36) or bottom half (1-18) of the numbers.

High Roller

A player who bets large sums of money.


An old form of roulette.

Hot and Cold System

A system that backs the winning side. It is a form of streak betting.

Hot Table

A table where the House/Casino is losing to the players.

House Edge

This is a casino's mathematical advantage over a player.

House Person

A dealer who sympathizes with casinos or relishes seeing players lose.


A player who cheats.



A wager on odd numbers.

Inside Bet

A wager placed on the roulette layout's numbered section.



French for “chip”.


A player who is a good tipper.


La Partage

Similar to the “En Prison” rule, the player loses half of their wager and does not have the option of putting their money "in prison" for a subsequent spin. It is used for 'outside' even-money wagers such as Red/Black, High/Low, Odd/Even, and can also be used when the outcome is 0.

LaBouchere betting system

A Cancellation Betting System in which numbers cancel out of a player-defined set of numbers after a victory and are added back in after a loss. The next bet is decided by the set of numbers.


The table's design that depicts the different bets that may be placed.

Layout Strategies

This refers to betting methods and techniques that attempt to eliminate the house edge by making various sorts of wagers without attempting to establish if the wheel or dealer is biased.

Line Bet

A wager that the winner will be one of the six numbers from the two rows of three numbers.

Long End of the Bet

A wager that wins more than it loses.

Long Run

The period of time during a single session (or series of sessions) when number frequency begins to exponentially approach a figure anticipated by probability theory. Sometimes known as Long-Term.

Low Bet

Betting that a number between 1 and 18 will hit.

Low Roller

A player who wagers modest amounts of money.


An illuminated roulette table created by John Huxley. The table highlights the winning sections on the layout with high intensity LED's.



A French word for a “Low Bet”.


Any player who will be taken advantage of by a hustler.


The marker is the device that the croupier uses to properly identify the winning number after each spin. Players may not put fresh bets for the next spin until the croupier has taken the marker from the table.

Martingale Betting System

A strategy in which the player doubles their wager after each loss.

Match Play

A casino promotion in which players are given free play chips and if their wagers win, they earn real chips back.

Mini Roulette

This game, which is playable at several online casinos, offers a reduced wheel with only 13 numbers (0-12) rather than the regular amount. Payment is altered as a result. When a spin lands on a zero, many Mini Roulette games repay half of all losses.


French word for “bet” or “wager”.

Money at Risk

The total sum of money bet at one time.

Money Management

The techniques a player employs to keep his bankroll from going bankrupt.

Money Plays

The signal that notifies the dealer and the pit that a player is betting cash rather than chips.


Someone who cheats and uses deceptive methods, – usually past posting.


Negative progression

A system of betting where you increase bets after a loss.


The numbers to the left and right of the winning number.

Neighbour Bet

A wager on five adjacent numbers on the roulette wheel, with the main chosen number in the centre.


A five dollar chip, typically red-colored.

No Action

A dealer's decision that the casino will not cover a specific bet.


The French term for a “Black Bet.”

No-value Chip

A gaming chip whose value is determined by the buy-in and the number of chips taken.


Odd Bet

A wager involving all the odd numbers.


The probability of an event.

On the Square

An honest game.


A bet on three specific numbers (e.g. 6, 34 and 17) which are neighbours on the wheel, but far apart on the board.


Same as “Orphans”.

Outside Bet

A wager on everything except numbers.



The proportion of the house edge as a percentage.


Tool for depositing money into a drop box.


A French term for “Even Bet.”


A series of bets where total winnings from previous bets are used to stake further bets.


A French term for a “High Bet.”

Past Posting

Placing a winning bet after the ball stops or after the croupier stops betting.

Patience System

A grinding strategy in which a player waits for a particular number of decisions before betting.


The sum won by the player which is paid by the casino.

Penny Ante

A game with little stakes.


Removing chips after a losing bet. The opposite of “Past Posting”, similarly illegal.


A section with several gambling tables.

Player Clocking

Observing which players are winning and how they are winning in order to employ the Chameleon Strategy and copy their betting patterns.


Probable areas in which the roulette ball might land.

Positive progression

A betting system where bets increase after a win.

Power of the Pen

The ability to issue hotel competitions to players.

Premier Roulette Diamond Edition

A popular roulette variant on the internet.


Refers to the Dozen bet's first set of 12 numbers.

Premium Players

A term for players with big credit lines.


To raise the amount wagered following a win, usually by doubling it.


A draw.


Quarter bet

A wager on one of four numbers during the next spin.


Chips that are worth $25.

Queen Theatre

A term in electronic roulette (Touchbet Roulette) due to seating arrangement.


Racetrack Bets

Also known as 'Call Bets.'


Complimentary Room and refreshments.

Rapid Roulette

A Roulette variant where the table has individual player terminals and you play on your own individual screen layout.


Tagging the player and their wager amounts for competitions.

Rating Card

The card used for player rankings.


A wager on red numbers.

Red Bet

An outside bet that the next spin will land on red.

Reverse-LaBouchere Betting System

A method of playing the opposite of the LaBouchere System.

Reverse-Martingale Betting System

A system of playing the opposite of the Martingale System.

Rien Ne Va Pas

Translates to “No More Bets.”


The French term for “Red Bet.”

Roulette Chips

Casino issued chips for playing only roulette.

Roulette Layout

A roulette layout is a table with numbered grids and colours where players can place bets with roulette chips.

Roulette Strategy

Any method a player uses to improve winning chances.

Roulette System

A system of tabling bets.

Roulight / Roulite

Also a variant of Roulette.

Roulette Table

The table for playing roulette.

Roulette Wheel

The wheel is the movable part of the table.

Ruin or Element of Ruin

The probability of losing your bankroll.


A succession of similar results.


Scared Money

A player's money that they cannot afford to lose.

Scobe's Wager

If playing as if something is true doesn't hurt, then you have nothing to lose by doing so as long as you don't increase your time or risk at the table.

Section (Sector) Shooter

A dealer who tries to place the ball in a specific wheel section.

Section Slicing

Dividing the wheel into sections based on which numbers have been hitting.

Section Shooting

The act of placing the ball in a specific wheel section.


A set amount of time spent playing a casino game.

Session Stake

A sum of money set aside for a single session.

Shift Boss

The person managing the casino during a work shift.


A person hired by the casino to play games that are underplayed.

Short End

The bet side that has to pay off less than it will win.

Short Odds

A bet with a payback that is less than the true odds.

Short Run

The limited amount of time at any particular session when streaks and fluctuations appear to affect probability theory. Also known as “Short-Term.”


A dealer's unconscious ability to put a ball within a certain distance of the previous hit.

Single Zero Roulette

Also known as “European Roulette.”

Single Zero Wheel

A wheel with only one zero, sometimes referred to as a “European Wheel.”

Six Line Bet

A six-digit wager.


French for a “Six line bet”.

Split Bet

A two-digit wager.


The difference between a player's minimum and maximum bets.


A player who randomly wagers a lot.

Square or Quarter Bet

An Inside Bet on 4 digits.


A collection of chips used to play the game.

Straight Up Bet

A single digit wager.

Street Bet

A wager on a three-number row.


The option in which a casino only accepts half of a player's losing wager.


Casinos that are upset by winning or skilled players are known to "sweat" their games. Also for a player who is losing and is concerned.


Any technique that uses a betting pattern to generate a profit under particular conditions.


Table Hopping

Frequently changing tables in a casino.

Take Down

To recall a bet before a decision.

Tapped Out

To lose all one’s money.

Tiers Du Cylindre

French phrase for a wager on a specific group of numbers on a section of the roulette wheel that is adjacent on the layout.

Toke or Zuks

These are the dealer’s tips.

Toke Hustler

A dealer who persuades players to tip him.


The opposite of a “John”, a bad tipper.

Tough Out

The Captain's term for a player who doesn't beat himself.


The French term for “Street Bet”.

Trio Bet

This is the same as placing a street bet. Betting on one of three numbers to win.


A stake made after the dealer declares “No more bets.”

True Odds

The probability of a specific outcome.


Underground Joint

An illegal casino.



Short for “Victim.”

Vig or Vigorish

The juice taken by a casino.

Visual Wheel Tracking

The process of following the ball and wheel and predicting where it will land.

Voisins du Zero

A French phrase used to represent a bet on a specific set of numbers on the section of the roulette wheel that is adjacent to the zero.



Also known as a “Bet.”


Short for “Roulette Wheel.”

Wheel Chips

Special chips specifically for roulette.

Wheel Clocking

A method of keeping track of the outcomes of a specific roulette wheel in the hope of detecting a pattern or bias.

Wheel Head

The section of the roulette wheel with the numbered pockets.

Wheel Roller

A “Croupier” or “Roulette Dealer.”

Wheel Strategies

Strategies that attempt to exploit flaws in the wheel in order to give the player an advantage.



The pocket on a roulette wheel marked with a 0.